A Lon Introduction

A Lon Story is a hard science fiction web serial that spans from the near future to about 5000 years from now.

It begins with a story of a child looking for their mother. Kel is a nonbinary ten year old (well, eight in Lon years) being raised by their mother on the planet Avalon, about 26 light years from Earth, thousands of years in our future. A Lon Beginning is seven chapters, kid-friendly, but suitable for all ages. It will have a number of sequels, as Kel grows up, learns about their world, and gains increasing mastery of the technology-based magic made possible by Ama and the nano/microtech skin of the world.

I’m also working on several stories in the same universe, set in this century, about humanity’s last ditch efforts to save itself from complete destruction.

In the year 2060, zero children are born, due to a multifactorial planetwide fertility crash.

In the late 21st century, the seas are rising faster than ever, global communications have failed, and the fragmented nations of North America are disappearing as their populations age and food supplies crash. The Last Generation and the Babylon Cooperative work frantically in the domes of the Pacific States of America to make sure the human race continues, in spite of the people who have decided that it is the will of God for humanity to die.

What is Lon?

  • Lon is Avalon, a planet terraformed by nerds.
  • Lon is Babylon, Earth, the cradle of humanity.
  • Lon is the Dandelon Project, a nanotech hybrid Star Wisp-EM drive used to colonize space.
  • Lon is the Babylon Cooperative, working to save the genetic diversity of Earth.
  • But most of all, Lon is a hard science fiction story about the end of the world and what it might take to save humanity from disasters of our own making.

Lon is also a deeply collaborative and multimedia project, with a goal of working with artists and fandom to eventually create a rich tapestry of stories and art.

Perhaps the most important thing about Lon is that it is a story for all of us, with a diverse and complex cast of characters and a deep foundation in the plausible.

I’m a writer, activist and parent, and somehow my dystopian near-future apocalyptic novel turned into my children’s favorite bedtime story. And I don’t even mind.

Come and join me! It’s going to be a Lon ride!

Note: The amazing photos on the reward levels on Patreon and some of the buttons on this website (and as indicated in the story chapters) are from Craig P. Burrows and are used with his most gracious permission. Please visit his site to see larger and more complete photographs. His techniques with ultraviolet and infrared photography make for some amazing, otherworldly photographs. Prints are available through his website.

Other illustrations are done by me, using CC0 stock photographs from Pexels and Pixabay, substantially edited.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to many people who have listened to me rant, asked me questions and nitpicked stories at their most nascent stages over the years.

My primary editor is Rhysiana for both fanfic and this series. She edits professionally for a living.

My sister, who goes by Teasugarsalt on Tumblr, has been essential in keeping me moving, sparking new ideas and offering some of her own. This would be nowhere near ready for public view without her. Sis just finished her degree in business management and is available for hire. 

My kids and husband have heard me read the first story aloud multiple times, and keep asking for more. 

And I have about a dozen people who have helped out in the vast mess of Google Docs with a variety of detailed and nuanced feedback. As the story continues, I’ll talk more about the other people who’ve been part of the long buildup to this story. Allmydokkuns and Lysikan are two who were very helpful in this first story. 

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