Chapter 5 is on Patreon

Here’s where things are at as of 11/23/2017.

The general plan is that new chapters will go up as soon as I have the art done for them, until I run out of finished story (current polished story = 7 chapters, so we’re getting there.) Then I go back to working on the stories I have outlined, and we’ll have another series posted once I’m done with that.

In the meantime, my plan is to do the first chat with my $10 Patrons in early December. I will endeavor to keep a chat log and paste a (probably edited) transcript of the chat into a post for the $10 patrons, with some of the results of that chat going down to the lower levels over time as appropriate.

If you are reading this, please, please take a look at the story to date and share it. And as always, I’d love to hear from you if you’re enjoying the story, regardless of whether you’re on Patreon or not.

I honestly don’t mind if people jump on board for part of a month at the lower levels. Think of it as a free trial. If you don’t like it, or it’s not worth your money, drop your pledge before the first of the month. Higher level pledge rewards ($10 and up) are done after accounts charge, but all the stories are at the $5 level and lower. If you do like it, and think it’s worth paying for, stick around. It’s going to be a Lon ride.

Here are links to each of the chapters in order, in case you’ve missed them.

Chapter 1 (Public)

Chapter 2 (Public )

Chapter 3 ($1 patrons)

Chapter 4 ($3 patrons)

Chapter 5 ($5 patrons)

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