A Lon Beginning • Chapter 2: Preparations

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It took much less time to go down than it had to go up, mostly because Kel slipped and stumbled and without the traction of soles, the floor of the tunnel was quite slick. After a momentary panic at the gaining speed, Kel got their feet in front of them, slowing the slide with shoes stuttering against the odd surface of the tunnel floor.

There wasn’t enough time to think as Kel reacted to the twists and turns, trying to avoid tumbling. This wasn’t so slippery going up.

They managed to come to a stop at one of the more level sections, and sat there for a long moment, just breathing. Kel looked back up the tunnel, but the meandering path meant they couldn’t see very far. Mama, where are you?

A rumble in their stomach sent them further down the mountain, this time they deliberately sat down where the path got steeper, and pushed off, sliding down the rest of the way to Mama’s closet.

Mama was still nowhere to be found, but Kel was hungry and daunted and on the grounds that food might make things make more sense, they went into the kitchen to find sustenance.

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A Lon Introduction

A Lon Story is a hard science fiction web serial that spans from the near future to about 5000 years from now.

It begins with a story of a child looking for their mother. Kel is a nonbinary ten year old (well, eight in Lon years) being raised by their mother on the planet Avalon, about 26 light years from Earth, thousands of years in our future. A Lon Beginning is seven chapters, kid-friendly, but suitable for all ages. It will have a number of sequels, as Kel grows up, learns about their world, and gains increasing mastery of the technology-based magic made possible by Ama and the nano/microtech skin of the world.

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