A Lon Beginning is Complete! Update and Patreon Info

A Lon Beginning, Part one of A Lon Story, is now complete and up.

The first three chapters are public on Patreon. The next two chapters are available for $1 patrons. Chapter 6 is locked to $3 patrons and Chapter 7 is locked to $5 patrons. Over the coming weeks, I will make more chapters public at a rate of one per week. Posting chapter content to social media will come after it is available on Patreon.

The $10 pledge tier will be getting access to the high res versions of all artwork on December 2. 

Ebook versions of the story are coming.

What's next? I'll be working on the next parts of the story for a bit. If you want to see what I'm working on and some backstory, the $20 pledge level gets you access to some of the more than 20 Google Docs in process. 

I'm aiming to do the $10 level chat and Q&A on Sunday, December 3, probably around 4 pm Pacific, depending on what works for those at that level. When we have people pledged at the $5 level (vs. already being at the $10 level I will set up a separate chat for that (everyone $5 and up will be included) mid-month. 

NOTE: I know that a lot of content creators get upset if people sign up for a month and then drop before pledges go through. Personally, I can understand wanting to decide if something is for you. I'm betting that if you sign up, you'll like it enough that you'll want to stay if you can, and if you flat out can't, I'm not going to take it personally if you unsubscribe before the end of your first month. Higher level pledges ($20 and up) will be getting their rewards after payments go through early in the month. But for the lower levels, I see it as a "free trial" period. Either you decide it's worth it to you and stick around while your card is charged, or you don't. I'm not going to run after you yelling, "I want my $2!" Especially this December, I'd rather you join and then cancel later than not join at all. Every person reading, subscribing and talking about this story helps.

If you are not familiar with my other work, I've been writing fanfic for years. That's all available free online, most at or linked from Archive of Our Own. If I'm not posting as fast as you'd like for this universe, I have hundreds of thousands of words posted there, in many fandoms. 

Chapter 1 (Public)

Chapter 2 (Public)

Chapter 3 (Public)

Chapter 4 (Public)

Chapter 5 ($1 Patrons)

Chapter 6 ($1 Patrons)

Chapter 7 ($3 Patrons)

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